Customer Use Case: Tailormade Parts

Customer Use Case: Tailormade Parts

In our new “Use Cases” series we want to regularly present best practice examples from our customers. This time we will show you how our customer in production solved his problem with tailor-made parts using TeDaLoS sensors:


The Problem: Production Delay

During the production of the drums, metal inserts are integrated into the final product. These inserts are custom-made and can only be ordered in bulk. The average delivery time between ordering and delivery is 10 weeks. In theory, based on the number of drums shipped out to customers, the stock of the inserts can be claculated. In practice, a shortage of inserts has repeatedly been the cause of production delays and even production breakdown. Errors such as forgetting records or illegible handwritten records, costs of correcting inventories, etc. added up to the costs of production delays and downtime.


The Solution: TeDaLoS Smart Sensorunit

The autonomous sensors continuously measure the real available stock in production. The piece-precise feedback on the number now makes it possible to monitor the delivered and used inserts precisely. The information about the measuring protocol is transferred several times a day to the cloud software, where it can be viewed at any time with a smartphone or any Internet-capable computer. The consumption history, the current stock and necessary replenishment requests are displayed at item and cost centre level.  No special infrastructure or IT is required. If the containers are transported with the metal inserts, wireless sensors are simply moved along without any special precautions and ensure measurement without gaps.


The Result: Reordering in time

The pallet and the frame with the loose metal inserts to be processed are placed on the orange sensor unit “Stacking Shape” and then transported to production. The office manager always receives the real stock information via the online portal and, if desired, also via e-mail notification. A manual count or theroetic determination of the quantity is not necessary. Below a defined minimum level an alarm notification is sent. From this point on, the inserts are reordered from the supplier. The TeDaLoS sensor unit operates completely autonomously, without external without external power supply, without the need to connect to the IT network or the ERP system.


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