Seamless transparency in real-time



With the many directly installed sensors, your units can perform their individual measurement tasks.


This economical technology is guaranteed to operate for many years. Energy sources are adapted to suit the intended application.


Direct communication with the TeDaLoS Cloud. Your infrastructure is not imposed upon by additional flows of data.


Use our tracking in transport, in your inventory or at remote sites. You do not need any local infrastructure for this.


A multitude of wireless communication channels assure continuous reception of data. Even at locations with unknown infrastructure.


Remote intelligence delivers fast response capability during transport, storage and consumption of goods and materials.


Integration in your load carrier system via standard Auto-ID designation.


Warning systems that report violations of min. and max. temperature limits immediately and that make it possible to respond rapidly.

Hardware examples – seamless integration in your logistics



U-shape, accessible with
pallet and lift truck.
Carrying capacity of
more than 2 tons.
Can also be used in high-bay
storage facilities.



Pallet mounting frame
for seamless
monitoring of your
mobile goods.
Lighter than 25 kg with
carrying capacity in excess of 1.5 tons.



A4 size, for your consumables
on the warehouse shelf or at the
production station, with light signals
and a carrying capacity of
more than 100 kg.



Shelf stocking where
everything is in its rightful
place and should therefore
be easy to find, even for
anonymous consumers.



Talk to us about your ideal
dimensions and intended forms
of use. We shall select an
appropriate version or adaptation.

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Intuitive Software

Smart decisions

The intuitive Cloud software manages your sensor units and interprets sensor readings. With this advance interpretation, only substantive data land in your leading system (e.g. SAP). Smart decisions by the TeDaLoS Cloud prevent your leading system from initiating an incorrect process. For example, when goods are removed from stock at an unexpected point in time, an alarm is sent to the security service instead of a reordering process being initiated.

Available anywhere, at any time

The online interface provides you and your employees with a quick overview of the vital functions of technology and of the status and condition of your goods. With our system, you can call up your data at any time on all Internet-capable devices. TeDaLoS is supported by all the most commonly used smartphones, tablets and PCs and the application is as simple and intuitive as an app.

Improvement in your supply chain

We offer you the scope to grant customers and suppliers an insight into your inventory management system. This creates processes that your leading system would not find appropriate, or even practically feasible. In just a few minutes and without IT expertise, you can for example use TeDaLoS to establish a new cooperation link in the supply chain that communicates the current inventory level in your warehouse to your supplier with real-time transparency.


With the integrated wireless communication over multiple channels (2G/3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, …), continuous availability and transparency can be established in transport, at external storage locations and at unknown sites. The sensor units are designed for 2-way communication and they simplify operation over a period of many years. For example, you never need to enter commands for the sensor unit into the device physically. Instead, naturally enough, an encrypted link protects the security of your data.



This complete solution was designed for users without any technical background. All of the components needed are integrated and ready for operation ex-factory – all you need to do is to switch the unit on. Integration in your business is as simple as setting down a pallet – no additional overhead for building systems management or IT staff – and your employees do not require any additional training. The TeDaLoS Cloud software was designed to be operated using a web interface and to be connected to your existing system by means of standard interfaces (e.g. a materials management system or ERP). We are also pleased to take account of any specific individual interfaces in your system or of other companies in your supply chain. This means that more value can be added, e.g. by linking the system up to your door access control system.