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TeDaLoS Data Protection

Cookies are small text files that save websites on your computer using your web browser. They have been around since the mid-Nineties and there are one of the most commonly used technologies on the Internet. Many important website functions are based on cookies. For example, you cannot buy anything online without them because they keep a record of what you have added to your shopping basket. They also enable you to obtain online information and promotional information that is probably relevant for you.
The cookies that we use at TeDaLoS do not record personal details about you and cannot cause any damage to your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone. They are there to facilitate certain functions on our website and they help us to understand what information and promotional messages deliver the greatest benefits to users.


How we use cookies

Many of the cookies on the TeDaLoS website perform important functions. If you wish to buy things online, cookies keep a record of what you have in your shopping basket.

Other cookies help us to understand how our website is used by visitors and then to optimise our online activities on the basis of that information. For this purpose, this website uses Google Analytics. No personal information about you is recorded – the employees of TeDaLoS who work with our web analysis tools have no way of finding out who you are. By way of example, they analyse how long a website takes to load and which information on that website is called up most frequently by website users. In this way, they are able to identify areas of our website that do not function very well, which in turn means that problems can be identified and remedied in a timely fashion.

A third type of cookie shows us how well our online advertising works, and at which locations we should place our online advertising. These cookies only collect information in accordance with legislative stipulations, and do so in pseudonymised form. This enables us to tell the websites, e.g. Google or Yahoo from which visitors come to our TeDaLoS website in response to our promotional campaigns. No reference to individual people is established by us in this process.

We can also use cookies that help us to reach people who are fundamentally interested in TeDaLoS. This means that, whenever you visit our TeDaLoS website, it may be that you are then shown TeDaLoS adverts on other websites (however, even then, we do not know who you are). This is called Retargeting or Behavioural Advertising.


Types of cookies

Types of cookies used by TeDaLoS
Cookies can be divided into two general categories: Cookies from first-hand providers (that we set ourselves) and cookies from third-party providers (that are set by partners).


Cookies from first-hand providers

These cookies are set by TeDaLoS. In most cases, they facilitate a high proportion of the functionality available on our website. This kind of cookie also includes web analysis cookies. We use these to analyse the website behaviour of our visitors, which in turn enables us to improve our website contents on the basis of what we have learned.


Cookies from third-party providers

Cookies from third-party providers are not set by TeDaLoS but instead by selected partners with whom we cooperate. They do not collect or send any personal information about you. Some of them facilitate useful services such as online surveys or Live Chat (where you can put questions to a TeDaLoS expert). Others can be set by promotional networks with which we collaborate and they are able to place our online advertising at appropriate locations (see earlier chapter on “How we use cookies”).


Social media cookies

A few pages on our website enable you to forward our content via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sometime we embed videos from websites such as YouTube. These websites set their own cookies, over which we have no control. You can visit their websites to learn more about your cookie guidelines.


Management of cookies

The most commonly used web browsers provide you with cookie management functions. You can choose to accept or reject all cookies or just certain types of cookie.


What happens if you reject all cookies?

You will still remain able to use parts of our website, e.g. pages with information about the latest TeDaLoS devices. However, a few useful areas will not function if you disable cookies. For example, you will not be able to use online help, or to buy things online.


How can you manage cookies in various different web browsers?

Use the following links to obtain information about how cookies can be managed in the major web browsers. These pages are not located on our TeDaLoS website.


PC and Mac
Internet Explorer


Mobile terminal devices
Safari iOS

(various Blackberry devices have different instructions but you can find all the different Blackberry user manuals at the following link). If you do not use one of the web browsers listed above, please consult the documentation on your browser or the online help for further information.

Are you not sure which browser you have? Here is how to find out:

Open your web browser and click ‘Help’ in the top margin of the browser window. Then select ‘About’. You should then see a pop-up window containing information about your browser.

Open your web browser and click the name of the browser in the top margin of the screen (e.g. Safari or Firefox). Then select ‘About’. You should then see a pop-up window containing information about your browser.

Mobile terminal device:
Check the name of the app that you use to open the Internet.


More information about the management of cookies is a useful source in English with a great deal of detailed information about cookies and how to manage them. A German language page from the BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) on the subject of cookies and their usage can be found here:

If you would like to learn more about Retargeting or Behavioural Advertising, and wish to opt out of being involved, please visit the Network Advertising Initiative. You will find a direct link to the Opt Out function from the Retargeting activities of our Partners Trade Desk further up in the chapter “How we use cookies”.


Links to external websites

Please note that TeDaLoS is not responsible for the content of external websites. We update the links on our websites on a regular basis, but sometimes the contents of these websites may still become outdated or inaccurate.


CleanTalk Anti Spam

Our website uses the CleanTalk Anti-Spam & Security service. This protects the website from SPAM.

CleanTalk may store and process your IP address and use cookies to manage access to the website through the CleanTalk SpamFireWall function in order to secure this website and protect it from spam. By using this website, your IP address may be processed by CleanTalk for security reasons and stored in log files for a maximum of 45 days. This data will then be completely deleted.

When you submit a form on this website (e.g. contact form), your personal data will be stored in this website such as your IP address, your e-mail, your text of the comment and data of website form fields. Also, for security reasons and to protect this website from spam, your data will be processed in the CleanTalk Cloud Service and they will be stored in log files for 7 days by default (45 days if the extended package is active). On the expiry of the mentioned period, they will be deleted completely. CleanTalk may use information of spam activity of IP/email addresses to offer proper anti-spam protection to all websites connected to its service. It concerns exclusively those IP/email addresses that are being used for spam mailing.

Further information on the collection and use of data by CleanTalk can be found at the following link:

Link to the CleanTalk privacy policy:

Download: TeDaLoS Cloud Service Agreement