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Does this get you annoyed too? Your copier can issue an alarm whenever the paper tray is open or the toner needs to be replaced, but your printer cannot tell if the stock of copier paper in the cupboard has been used up when you need to sign an important contract. And what happens if the mail room is unable to find packaging material because no-one feels responsible for reordering supplies? We can help you to keep an overview of stocks of office supplies, throughout your business premises, and to automatic re-ordering processes, including, if so desired, with direct links to your suppliers. This saves hidden operating costs and leaves you free to get on with your core tasks.


Do you have employees passing through your inventory at regular intervals, taking a note of all the goods items that need to be re-ordered? Does it sometimes happen that you are simply unable to find certain items of goods? We know just what chaotic storage facilities can look like. A rule of thumb states that a high proportion of goods is not in inventory but is instead in production, office premises, buffer stock points and similar intermediate storage locations. However, how do you measure inventory and usage levels? TeDaLoS can help your warehouse staff: A glance at TeDaLoS software is all it takes to determine the real quantity and location of goods, reducing the amount of capital you need to have tied up in stock.


Does construction material keep ‘vanishing’ from your building site? This does not always happen for the same reasons. However, a great deal of time is spent on large construction sites looking for materials or purchasing replacements. Do you have a firm grasp on how much by way of construction materials your employees have, and on which building site? The coordination of goods at different locations, even on a single construction site, is difficult and it is hard to be accurate. We can help you here to ensure that work is never delayed as a result of material shortages, and we can configure our systems to notify security personnel immediately if construction materials are removed from site outside normal working hours.


As a supplier, are you able to call up at any time how individual items of goods are sold in the subsidiaries of your customers? Do you ever find that shelving units or promotional display units are empty, and do not get refilled immediately? Availability is the absolute key to buyer satisfaction. Relieve the workload of your employees by making their work with goods management easier. Our software notifies your employees as soon as the contents of shelving units reach a critical level. Through transparency of use in real-time right across the supply chain, everyone involved stands to benefit.

Find more informations in the best-practice-paper “Sensors for new trade and logistics services”.


Are you able to guarantee that the temperature chain is never interrupted by your transport providers? Do you know what level of vibration your deliveries are exposed to when being driven to their destinations? Especially in the transport sector, it is important for goods to be handled perfectly, and for temperature specifications to be achieved. We illuminate the large blind spot between dispatch and delivery confirmation with a universal solution and with sensor systems located directly on your goods. TeDaLoS delivers the key performance indicators that you previously did not have.


Do you know the precise location of all visible storage containers on your business premises? What do you know about the current inventory level of your C components (nuts, bolts etc.)? Specially in production and maintenance areas, many different components and sub-assemblies are used, and many vastly different sizes of materials are employed, all of which need to be monitored. Use VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to provide your suppliers with an insight into your inventory levels, and let TeDaLoS re-order as soon as stock levels fall below defined limits. Or are you the supplier who wishes to offer the service of materials management?
In automated production, the aim is to build an inventory monitoring bridge between the delivery and the processing of goods and materials – a quick and easy process with TeDaLoS sensor units.

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Was the temperature limit of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical products maintained at all times? How much first aid material do you have in your entire hospital and at each individual nursing station? The risks in the healthcare sector cannot be measured by the costs of procurement. Even low-value items, or goods not regularly managed, can constitute a high source of risk if not available at the right time. Ambient Assisted Living: TeDaLoS systems relieve the workload of caring staff and family members by taking charge of ‘inventory tasks’ and by eliminating sources of error, in care facilities or in the home. This leaves carers free to concentrate on their core tasks.


Are you able to foresee which customer reorders which goods and quantity in the near future? Do you have an overview of all goods in storage, also between inventory times and changing sizes of packaging? Given the multitude of distribution routes within the wholesale sector, it is not always easy to maintain a grasp of the big picture. Connect your materials management system to that of your customers – without your customers having to do anything. Identify where needs arise before your customer starts doing price comparisons. TeDaLoS highlights surpluses as well as shortages before either of these becomes a problem. All participants benefit from networking in the trade chain. Especially because TeDaLoS makes the first step effortless, quick and free of risk.


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