Your advantages

A one-stop solution that you only need to switch on!



You no longer need to rely on manual data input at your production line, in transport or on your customer’s premises. Respond to the status of goods before bottlenecks arise and damage occurs.


Digitalise your inventory monitoring without an internal IT project. TeDaLoS is independent of suppliers and resources, and offers you a simple alternative for connection to supplier systems.


Our system is suitable for all groups of materials: From small, lightweight components to huge items weighing many tons, from granular raw materials to material sold by the metre on rolls, to liquids in containers.


TeDaLoS sensor units and Cloud software were devised for users without any technical background. Your employees do not have to operate anything, nor do they need to learn any new processes.


Checks of your containers and materials are fully mobile. TeDaLoS determines far more than the number of packaging units: The system informs you in real-time of the status, location and precise quantities of your goods.


The TeDaLoS system blends seamlessly into your logistics processes. Independent from supporting structures or IT, the units communicate data to your leading system via Cloud software.


You determine the functional scope of the sensor units and you can adapt this at any time to suit your conditions. Our software can also be adapted flexibly to suit the requirements of your users.


The sensor units are either leased or purchased. You use the Cloud software (incl. data communication) on the basis of a monthly subscription. No costs arise on location because no integration in your local technology is required.