Customer Use Case: Maintenance Warehouse – hoses and material by the meter

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Customer Use Case: Maintenance Warehouse – hoses and material by the meter

In our new “Use Cases” series we want to regularly present best practice examples from our customers. This time we will show you how our customer in maintenance warehouse solved his problem with hoses and material by the meter using TeDaLoS sensors:


The Problem: deviations in stock, rush orders

In the maintenance warehouse, employees help themselves to the materials as required and should enter the withdrawals manually in a paper-list. In multi-shift operation, often, there is no warehouse manager on site. Material requirements are usually difficult to plan in advance and material availability is of great importance for time-critical maintenance tasks. In fact, the quantities removed or cut off from rolls of yard goods are usually estimated or the entry is forgotten. The withdrawal list is entered manually into the ERP system in the evening.  Errors in the article naming or poor legibility lead to transfer errors in the ERP system. The stock level is therefore not correct for many materials. This often leads to shortages and late orders. It is not possible to locate the cause, and the chronological course of consumption cannot be traced in retrospect.


The Solution: TeDaLoS Smart Sensorunit

Wireless sensor units are retrofitted to the storage location. The wide range of available sensor sizes covers all material groups and storage situations. A special storage infrastructure or changes in material overpacking are not necessary. Training of maintenance personnel is not required, the paper-list has become obsolete. The automatic monitoring of the removal of pneumatic, water and hydraulic hoses and other yard goods, which are roughly cut from the roll as required, now makes accurate inventory management possible. The digital measured values of the current stock of hoses, cables, etc. are transferred without manual operation and wirelessly to the TeDaLoS cloud software several times a day and can also be viewed with historical chart via smartphone or PC. Defined threshold values trigger online reorder requests.


The Result: timely reordering, no more manual effort

“The hose itself reports the meter-exact consumption.” Partial withdrawals of hose, cable and other roll goods are automatically recognised and stored online as digital information with time stamp. Warehouse management and buyers always see the real existing stock information. Collective orders are thus made easier. Below a self-defined minimum level, an additional alarm notification is sent which contains all important data for reordering. This way, urgent requirements are no longer overlooked. Standard interfaces in IT systems ensure that the theoretical inventory data is transmitted and corrected. Intermediate inventory counting reports are now available online at the push of a button and with real inventory quantities. Maintenance staff no longer have to fill out a list and have guaranteed material availability.


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