Only by automating highly repetitive manual activities such as inventory counting, ongoing stock management, triggering replenishment when demand arises, etc. can a granular Digital Twin emerge that enables you to act early without being dependent on human resources as a “bridge” between analogue and digital. Key challenge: The majority of companies are limited in time and budget to implement digitalisation projects, especially in the Internet of Things.

We help! With future-proof IoT solutions that connect hardware and smart devices – instead of firmly integrating them – only via semantic business logic to your materials management IT. This allows you to implement automation quickly, cost-effectively and flexibly in the future.


Are you ready for the digital inventory monitoring of the future? We are too! With this in mind, we have devised a system that lets you know immediately the quantity, condition and location of your goods – precisely and in real-time – just as though you were taking a direct look at the shelf, the truck or the production location! Regardless of whether you are looking for small parts, fluids, raw materials, C components, office materials or spare parts. Our aim is to relieve companies of the task of monitoring their own inventory and even of the reordering process, right across the business. The short version: The inventory monitoring of the future with the Internet of Things!


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Our end-to-end systems make smart decisions. The combination of autonomous sensor units and Cloud system provides information about your inventory levels, manages your reordering system, provides information about temperature fluctuations and, in the event of theft, can also notify your security personnel. TeDaLoS improves transparency and efficiency without long-term ties, investment, restricted mobility, process changes or any elaborate integration in IT systems.


Goods inspection right across the site based on consumption and removal levels.


Fault detection, either through drop in temperature or vibration in real-time.


Localise your goods and keep an eye on the big picture even with chaotic inventory systems!


With the TeDaLoS system you not only know the number of packaging units you have in stock. You can also define the contents of every single package, enabling you to monitor consumption levels in real time. Even while in transit, our sensor units monitor your goods and provide information about factors such as temperature or humidity. Vibrations are also detected, and your ‘blind spot’ in shipments and deliveries is eliminated.
In the process, TeDaLoS makes it incredibly easy to establish the current location of your goods. Using the same system, TeDaLoS can locate your products, helping you to organise your procedures more efficiently and to respond before negative results incur expensive secondary costs.


The TeDaLoS system is easy to use and requires no special training. All you have to do: Store and transport your goods on the wireless, autonomous TeDaLoS sensor units.
On the TeDaLoS Cloud, you receive information about the existing quantities, consumption levels and the range of users. Once your goods reach a predefined consumption level, our system automatically reorders for you. Optionally, you can link in your supplier effortlessly.


We would be pleased to make an appointment to introduce you to our product and our software in person.


Every business strives for greater efficiency, greater reliability of supply and the reduction of risk. Using our system, you can achieve these objectives in your inventory management system, and you will also receive information about material movements right up to point of use – in real-time! This enables you to avoid the usual hurdles of technical systems within your business and in collaboration with suppliers, i.e. long lead times, technical risks, inflexibility and obligation.


TeDaLoS can be used at various depths of integration and in various forms: The one-stop solution comprises the Cloud software and energy-independent devices equipped with sensors and remote intelligence, and that have multiple wireless communication channels. The Cloud software is integrated in your leading systems by means of interfaces. A homogeneous high-tech solution specifically devised for users without a technical background, and in harsh field conditions!


Faster in operation

Can be used without training, installation, scanner or assembly!


Faster adaptation

Flexible selection of location or transporter, adapts to suit conditions!


Faster to results

No lead time, no binding to a single supplier and no investment required!