Convincing performance Using additional TeDaLoS systems to create a digital twin at Miba


Convincing performance Using additional TeDaLoS systems to create a digital twin at Miba

In 2017, Miba began testing TeDaLoS sensors in electroplating facilities as well as operations and auxiliary material warehouses at multiple locations. As a result of the system’s outstanding
performance, a rollout was carried out in 2019 at the sites in Laakirchen, in the production and headquarters, and soon also in Vorchdorf. Michael Trausner, Lead Buyer at Miba, sums up positively: “Implementing the TeDaLoS system makes digitized – and thus streamlined – purchasing and logistics processes a reality. Goods movement and inventories are managed automatically, eliminating potential sources of error.”

Installation with no downtime

The newly built “Forum” headquarters offers spaces for meeting and dialogue, where Miba employees have a chance to exchange ideas. Offices, conference rooms, meeting and training facilities are located over an area of 4,000 m². Automated monitoring of printer consumables with TeDaLoS sensors was just another small contribution to realising the working environment of the future, complete with automated building services, state-of-the-art rooms and IT systems for employees. Robust and autonomous TeDaLoS sensor units that have been invisibly integrated into the interior design come into play here.


„Installation and start-up were completed in the shortest possible time during regular plant operation, since the system is not dependent on local building services or IT. The fully autonomous  sensor hardware operates without user requirements, making the integration into the logistics processes straightforward and intuitive.“, tells Thomas Tritremmel, Co-founder of TeDaLoS.


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