Office 4.0: TeDaLoS ensures uninterrupted coffee availability


Office 4.0: TeDaLoS ensures uninterrupted coffee availability

The increase in the number of employees – together with an array of very exciting customer projects – has led to an enormous rise in coffee consumption as well as the ensuing supply bottlenecks. Not a problem for TeDaLoS: A TeDaLoS sensor unit now guarantees 100% coffee availability in our Office 4.0!

Our partners and customers are using TeDaLoS sensor units to automate the management of their warehouses, to offer new service concepts for the supply of goods using the TeDaLoS cloud, and to generate digital twins in materials management for purchasing and finance.
We certainly wouldn’t want to lag behind and are expanding automation to include our office.


Best practice: Photocopying paper

We optimised our internal copying paper procurement more than a year ago by using TeDaLoS sensor units to monitor supply and by connecting the TeDaLoS cloud to the supplier. The results are extremely positive: reduced consumption that was achieved entirely without administrative processes while ensuring 100% material availability at all times.


Office 4.0: Coffee any time of the day or night

The decision was virtually a no-brainer: A TeDaLoS sensor unit – our retrofit model for small load carriers is shown in the photo – was coupled with a container in order to track the supply of coffee on a daily basis. This is not only good news for the office management since the cloud software handles the re-ordering process in good time, but also for the co-workers in the office, who can rest assured that there will be always be plenty of “magic beans” on hand to fuel their late-night energy kick. We are curious to see what the consumption curve in Office 4.0 will look like!

Would you like to eliminate coffee supply bottlenecks in your office too? Or perhaps you have other stock items that you want to monitor with a sensor unit? Please feel free to contact us at +43 1 890 98 15, by e-mail at – or simply by using our online contact form. You can find more information about our TeDaLoS sensor units here.

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