Press release: BITO CAMPUS becomes new shareholder of TeDaLoS


Press release: BITO CAMPUS becomes new shareholder of TeDaLoS

BITO-Storage Systems as an internationally operating industrial company in the field of storage and picking technology and TeDaLoS as a specialist of autonomous sensors in the warehouse strengthen their cooperation through the investment of BITO CAMPUS in TeDaLoS GmbH. The cooperation and combined know-how will pursue the goal of being able to offer mobile and autonomous systems for material and inventory monitoring via Internet of Things. Together they will take a share of the market for inventory monitoring via “Internet of Things” with a total market potential reaching $ 300 billion in 2025.

TeDaLoS, founded in 2016, specializes in self-sustaining and autonomous sensor solutions that are optimized for material flow and inventory monitoring applications and can be deployed as a one-stop solution from the sensor to the leading system. Well-known companies from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering to the food industry and wholesale already use TeDaLoS systems.


BITO CAMPUS as a creative hotspot

BITO CAMPUS GmbH has been working with TeDaLoS since 2018. The start-up center, which opened in June 2017, was founded by Fritz Bittmann Holding GmbH, the parent company of BITO-Storage Systems. As a creative hotspot, it offers startups a platform and space for their ideas and initiatives.

BITO-Storage Systems develops, manufactures and markets racking, container, picking and transport systems as one of the few complete providers in the industry. An innovative product policy, state-of-the-art production methods, the provision of industry-oriented storage solutions and tailor-made, customer-specific storage concepts as well as intensive, complex consulting make the global player one of the market leaders in Europe.


Together aiming for the “smart bin”

BITO-Storage Systems has now taken the next step and becomes a shareholder through BITO CAMPUS GmbH in the start-up company TeDaLoS from Austria. Working together on the integrated and “smart“ container goes far beyond Auto-ID and integrates sensors and brain into the container. “The Internet of Things, ie sensors and devices that are connected via the Internet and often communicate with each other, has grown out of its infancy. The market for solutions that build on it is growing at an annual rate of 20-30%, “explains Thomas Tritremmel, CEO of TeDaLoS.


Part of a billion dollar growth market

Richard Haxel, Managing Director of BITO CAMPUS, adds: ” The market for inventory monitoring via the Internet of Things will be around $ 300 billion by 2025. Together we will be able to provide solutions there.”

The combination product will also enable a quick entry and advantage of the “digital twin” for cross-company flows of goods, “analogue participants” in the supply chain and production. The detailed, real-time data on, in particular piece-exact quantity, condition and location of the goods at every point in the flow of goods allow building smart services internally and externally.


Extend the limits of automation with the Internet of Things

The cooperation between BITO and TeDaLoS makes it possible to equip and retrofit warehousing technology with sensors and intelligence without the need for extensive technical or electronic support infrastructure on site – eliminating long lead times, dependency to internal resources or inflexible handling procedures.

Thomas Tritremmel emphasizes the distinctiveness: “Users are people who move and process goods without being logistic experts, such as workers, forklift drivers, freight forwarders, nurses, construction workers or office assistants. Therefore, the focus is on the invisible integration and autonomous function of sensors, microelectronics, data communication, container technology, cloud software and interfaces to the leading system for controlling business-critical actions. ”


Potential for the “digital twin” across industries

Richard Haxel is pleased: “The result will be a universal product that enables multiple use cases for our clients across a variety of industries and geographies. Through the cooperation between BITO and TeDaLoS, as well as its previous investments, the “digital twin” in logistics will lead to further savings and competitive advantages for our customers.”


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