Material flow monitoring with TeDaLoS sensors at rail infrastructure supplier KRUCH


Material flow monitoring with TeDaLoS sensors at rail infrastructure supplier KRUCH

KRUCH Railway Innovation is an Austrian company that can look back on a 150-year corporate tradition in the steel construction sector. In recent decades, KRUCH has established itself as the specialist for signal construction and catenary construction in the top tier of international rail infrastructure providers. At the same time, KRUCH concentrated on the best functionality and user-friendliness in product development and production in order to enable customers and users to reduce their life-cycle costs.

Jan Röhl, CEO, KRUCH Railway Innovation explains: “The implementation of TeDaLoS allows a real-time view on the flows of goods of A-parts in the company as a twin of physical reality. This results in a great increase in efficiency in storage, production and purchasing, right up into sales.”

Raw materials and lead times

The raw materials mainly have up to 14 weeks lead time in procurement. In the previous process, both the raw material and the finished products were stored for several weeks each in order to buffer potential demand peaks. This was equivalent to high working capital and a reservation of large storage areas.

As in any production facility, the permanent availability of raw materials for production is of the utmost urgency, as stoppage or rescheduling of production is associated with high cost and effort, up to potential stock-out situation for finished goods inventory and thus loss of customer service.


“Instead of counting only the presence of entire load carriers or packaging units, TeDaLoS detects pieces, or in some cases the meter/inch of quantity even with partial consumption.” tells Thomas Tritremmel, Co-founder of TeDaLoS.


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