Press Release: Convium becomes new cooperation partner

Press Release: Convium becomes new cooperation partner

Convium bv offers Internet Of Thing solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, strengthening their focus on the essentials. The cooperation with TeDaLos and the combined know-how will pursue the goal of being able to offer mobile and autonomous systems for material and inventory monitoring via Internet of Things.


TeDaLoS, founded in 2016, specializes in self-sustaining and autonomous sensor solutions that are optimized for material flow and inventory monitoring applications and can be deployed as a one-stop solution from the sensor to the client’s Management-IT-System. Well-known companies from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering to the food industry and wholesale already use TeDaLoS systems.

Convium’s 360° approach always starts from a thorough analysis of the customer, his business and his specific needs. Due to extensive experience and broad expertise Convium  consults, evaluates and recommends the right technology. This ensures stronger, automated business processes for Convium’s customers. Thanks to the partnership with TeDaLoS GmbH, Convium’s expertise and customer-specific solutions are now enriched with autonomous and mobile inventory monitoring technology.

Thomas Tritremmel, Managing Director of TeDaLoS, emphasizes the distinctiveness: “Users are people who move and process goods without being logistic experts or expected to easily operate IT devices. Workers, forklift drivers, freight forwarders, nurses, construction workers or office assistants deserve our focus on invisible integration of technology and autonomous function of sensors, wireless data communication, cloud software and interfaces to the management-IT-system for automating business-critical actions.”

Steven Vermuyten, Owner of Convium, explains: „Our solutions contribute to insightful, consistent and less people-dependent processes in which all “rules” are defined and systematically followed in the same way. Sensor catch the “physical reality”, results will be visible and measurable in the short term: a continuous level of quality, reduction of error margins, cost reduction, etc.”

Convium is fully prepared to offer these solutions to companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, completely independent from any form of purchase obligation of their production-based goods. Both cooperation partners would also like to stress that it is a myth that automation is only feasible in large companies. Get in touch and see for yourself!


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