LogiMAT Premiere: Internet of Things. TeDaLoS and BITO-Storage Systems with inventory control in any bin and on any pallet

LogiMAT Premiere: Internet of Things. TeDaLoS and BITO-Storage Systems with inventory control in any bin and on any pallet

TeDaLoS as a specialist of autonomous sensors in the warehouse showcased  – as an replacement for the cancelled LogiMAT 2020, the most important exhibition for intralogistics and material flow -the first result of the cooperation with BITO-Storage Systems as an internationally operating industrial company in the field of storage and picking technology. A world premiere: They present an unique one-stop solution comprising mobile sensors, onboard wireless communication and a cloud solution for a real-life inventory monitoring without special preparation or operating needs. This enables continuous control of material quantitiy in any container, bin, warehouse or consumption location.


TeDaLoS specializes in self-sustaining and autonomous sensor solutions that are optimized for material flow and inventory monitoring applications and can be deployed as a one-stop solution from the sensor to the leading system. Well-known companies from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering to the food industry and wholesale already use TeDaLoS systems.

BITO-Storage Systems develops, manufactures and markets racking, container, picking and transport systems as one of the few complete providers in the industry. An innovative product policy, state-of-the-art production methods, the provision of industry-oriented storage solutions and tailor-made, customer-specific storage concepts as well as intensive, complex consulting make the global player one of the market leaders in Europe.

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Thomas Tritremmel, CEO of TeDaLoS, explains: „Traditional counting and capturing methods like barcode Scanner or RFID detectors only read the presence of a label during a checkpoint. This is of theoretic quantitiy validity only.  TeDaLoS continuously measures with piece-wise accuracy the content or inventory quantity, even in opaque containers or partial consumption, in fixed storage positions as well as during movement in material flow. Consumption and deviations are detected immediately, errors during the flow pinpointed – and easier to fix -, consecutive procedures such as replenishment orders or billing can be triggered more efficient and closer to real-time.”

Richard Haxel, Managing Director of BITO CAMPUS, adds: „The world premiere comprises the vertical one-stop solution from wireless sensors to the cloud and forward to customers’ IT-Systems, as well as the full range of applicability from retrofitting of high rise racks, monitoring of material flow to the smart Kanban bin. Together we update analogue shelving and storing technology with the Internet of Things, providing immediate results to companies and users. Fin out more in individual online meetings about how TeDaLoS and BITO make your warehouse and manufacturing smart without special effort.

Typical use cases on manufacturing and trade logistics will be presented in online meetings, as well as Live Demos of the TeDaLoS technology. The teams of BITO-Campus, BITO-Storage Systems and TeDaLoS. are looking forward to exciting discussions with you about typical and unusual applications of our solution


More details in the video interview between BITO and TeDaLoS on this website  

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See the full online presentation of BITO for the LogiMAT here: Experts discussion as video stream



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