Quantity, condition, location

With TeDaLoS you keep an eye on everything


Do you stock products that are resource-intensive to record and retrieve? Manual inventory checks occupy several employees for many days, during which daily business should not be disrupted. In particular with small parts and granulates, precise counting is not possible. In production operations, an inventory check in the warehouse is not able to record the proportion of materials currently being consumed on the production lines. Imprecise results and theoretical assumptions based on historical values were until now the only solution. With TeDaLoS you can do more! With immediate effect, you not only record your goods in packaging units but instead by individual item, even if an item only weighs a few grams. This gives you a real-time insight into the consumption of materials rather than simply a series of snapshots. Do our everyday examples sound familiar to you?

Excamples for the simple entry of quantities with TeDaLoS

Never again a shortage of paper

Paper runs out in the office and in printing shops – a regular event. Then the workflow stops and blocks your orders. Without paper, contracts, customer printing orders etc. cannot be completed. TeDaLoS even makes commercial sense for these applications! TeDaLoS informs you or your suppliers before a bottleneck ever arises.

Monitoring of B and C components

Nuts & Bolts & Co. – especially with C components, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. What do you still have enough of, and where should more be ordered from? The purchasing processes are much more costly than the product itself. Indirectly, a bottleneck can become expensive as a result of delays and manual backup purchasing processes. You no longer need to worry yourself about things of this kind once you have TeDaLoS working for you!

Chemical raw materials

Chemicals are stored in various conditions (liquid, granular, powder) and containers (sacks, Big Bags, cannisters, IBC, etc.). The manual recording of removals from and returns to stock is not a seamless process. A universal solution for heterogeneous goods needs to be found, which includes measurement of the old materials collection. TeDaLoS functions simply: It shows you the fill level and amount in stock for each of the goods units in real-time and issues an alarm to you before it is too late to respond.


The TeDaLoS system solution already includes a very wide range of different sensors that supply measurement values for acceleration, vibration and temperature, all in real-time. TeDaLoS interprets these values and assists you in everyday working life to improve your reputation as a supplier or transporter through faster response times to the unforeseen. Here, you will find a few examples from various different sectors where the real-time monitoring of the condition of goods is of great value.

Benefits of condition capturing with TeDaLoS

An overview of the cooling chain

The cooling chain for foodstuffs such as fish and meat must never be interrupted. The consequences of any failure to achieve this could be fatal. Even on variable transport routes or when sub-contracting the transport function, TeDaLoS continuously monitors the temperature of goods and warns you whenever critical ranges are reached. With TeDaLoS, you introduce Industry 4.0 to your sector too, with seamless monitoring of your products from creation to consumption.

Avoiding late consequences

In many sectors and groups of goods, damage caused by incorrect storage or transport does not become visible until a long time after the goods have been used. At that point, it is usually no longer possible to track a problem back to its root cause. Construction materials and chemical products react very sensitively to changes in temperature and to vibration. With TeDaLoS you can keep a close eye on these threshold values without having to schedule in regulation cases.

Fragile goods

Fragile appliances or sensitive materials require special treatment during trans-shipment operations and transport. It is often difficult to safeguard this treatment over several trans-shipment points. With the help of integrated acceleration sensors, TeDaLoS can provide information about the stresses and strains to which your goods are exposed to enable you to intervene before damage occurs.


With TeDaLoS you are at the right address if you wish to learn more than the location of a container or a vehicle. What do you do if you have no access to a power supply, or if you also wish to locate goods inside an interior space? Perfect conditions for TeDaLoS to get to work. This system thinks one step further: Who should be informed in cases like this? During a shift, information is provided about the current status of production and, at night, if there is any change in inventory level or in location, the security personnel is notified. Just as you would wish it to be.

Localization of goods and inventory with TeDaLoS brings many advantages

Continuous traceability

Seamless localisation of the packaging, transport and trans-shipment points, up until arrival on site and at time of consumption of the goods – in a warehouse, on a truck, in a production facility. Seamlessly with the same sensor unit and the TeDaLoS system. This makes you more efficient and enables you to remain flexible in the design of the supply chain.

Maintaining an overview of chaos

Are there times when you find yourself looking for goods in your inventory, or are not certain whether the goods have arrived? TeDaLoS sensor units are equipped with a navigation function that defines the location of your goods. Even in so-called ‘chaotic inventory systems’ (goods not always stored in the same location), TeDaLoS is always ready for immediate action. Which puts an end to that search.

Locations of your units

Customer X still has one of your containers, customer Y still has 20 pallets and customer Z is storing goods in your facilities? Unclear when the load carrier is going to be uplifted by your service providers and customers? Keep a firm grip on your logistics units using the energy-efficient navigation sensors on the TeDaLoS units for years at a time – regardless of whether the agreed place of use has been left or not.

Do you require a customised solution development? TeDaLoS can adapt to suit your specific needs!