Digital twin: trade & logistics

With TeDaLoS you create customer retention and competitive edge through “predictive supply chain”

By taking note of trending topics “Industry 4.0 / smart factory” and the “Internet of Things”, manufacturing companies are trusting in the implementation of the “digital twin” as a virtual and digital copy of their plants and production machines – as a continually updating model of the physical reality. Trade and logistics are not able to respond adequately to the increasing demand for “smart” services, resulting from complexity of goods flow, due to financial and logistical reasons as well as strategic hurdles.

Challenges in trade and logistics

Supply chain

Insufficient transparency regarding the actual quality levels and location of goods on the transport route. Information is not immediately digitally available due to material handling.

Black box: customer

Consumption speed, storage quality and “the potential emergence of demand” are unknown to the supplier until the customer calls.


Delayed effects lead to compensation claims. Manual refund processing and reconciliations disturb day-to-day business and eat away at your profit margin.

And many more!

We tackle the biggest challenges in trade and logistics in our best-practice-paper on sensors for new trade and logistics services!

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Opportunities with TeDaLoS


Constant updates on the current physical condition of goods (quantity and quality), during transport, storage and application with the customer, allow you to react and manage proactively.


Accourate knowledge about the stock levels of your customer, enables short-notice operational allocation of your storage, packaging, distribution and sales capacities.


Real-time data on quantity, condition and location, even at place of consumption, enable new value-added services which improve customer satisfaction and retention.

And many more!

Recognize your opportunities in our best-practice-paper on sensors for new trade and logistics services.

Why TeDaLoS?

Our expertise lies in the development, production and operation of the TeDaLoS all-in-one solution for simultaneous monitoring of quantity, condition and location of mobile goods — in storage, during production and during transport. The one-stop Internet of Things solution combines sensor hardware, communication & software in one product. TeDaLoS is independent of infrastructure requirements and is suitable for all product groups, types of carriers, storage technology, supply chains and industries. TeDaLoS creates transparency within the supply chain and effortlessly connects businesses of different industries, sizes and “level of digitalisation”.

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