Digital twin: industrial production

With TeDaLoS you improve your material availability in the industrial production!

Nowadays, the trending topics “Industry 4.0 / smart factory” and the “Internet of Things” enable you to create a virtual and digital copy of your facilities and production machines, by implementing the “digital twin” — not just once, but as a continually self-updating model of the physical reality. However: Manufacturing companies are still  reliant on theoretical example calculations and manual inspections, largely with prolonged intervals, for inventory management and material flows.

Challenges of inventory management


Available information is unprocessed and/ or is not updated in real-time.


Highly-automated and stationary manufacturing technology is at odds with manual, analogue inventory monitoring, when trying to maintain product mobility and flexibility during handling.

Material stocks

The other option, i.e., to stock more material, has multiple downsides due to quality, security, space requirements and working capital issues.

And many more!

The biggest challenges of industrial manufacturing are dealt with in our best practice paper on resource monitoring in the industrial manufacturing!

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Opportunities with TeDaLoS


Knowing the number of physically available goods and recording quality levels leads to improved availability of goods and a decrease in downstream quality control.


Knowing the actual physical location — regardless of the PLANNED location in the manufacturing resource planning system (e.g. WMS or ERP) – eliminates search times. This increases productivity which, in turn, improves availability.


Tried and tested types of business cooperations, such as c-part management, consignment warehouses or vendor-managed inventories, offer both parties sizeable cost-saving potential, which can be used more extensively by lowering set-up costs.

And many more!

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Why TeDaLoS?

Our expertise lies in the development, production and operation of the TeDaLoS all-in-one solution for quantity, condition and location monitoring of mobile goods – in storage, during production and during transport. The one-stop solution combines sensor hardware, wireless communication and software to one product. The solution is easy to use, can be incorporated into operations immediately and reduces the need for internal resources. TeDaLoS is independent of goods suppliers, infrastructure requirements or c-parts managementproviders and is suitable for all product groups and industries. The all-in-one solution provides transparency and connects businesses of different industries, sizes or “level of digitalisation”. Automations and value-added services with intelligent decision-making processes are integrated as standard and can be used immediately within the business, or offered externally. The system invisibly integrates with your goods flow without needing external resources or technical know-how.

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“Resource monitoring in the industrial manufacturing”

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