Well protected electronics: TELE HAASE uses sensor-based stock level monitoring

Well protected electronics: TELE HAASE uses sensor-based stock level monitoring

In 2020, TELE HAASE started a cooperation with TeDaLoS. Part of the cooperation is the implementation of sensor-based stock level monitoring at the TELE production site in Vienna. The company manufactures relays, load monitors, mains and system protection there. “As a technology manufacturer, we had confidence in the TeDaLoS systems right from the start. However, we were surprised that it is so easy to install and use.“ emphasizes Bernhard Propper, Logistics+Purchasing, TELE HAASE.

With the Internet of Things against the PARETO principle

In TELE logistics, electronic components are monitored with piece-by-piece precision to ensure tracking. In the case of packaging material, deviations between target and actual were repeatedly detected. TeDaLos was able to solve the problem with its sensor solution for the autonomic monitoring of cardboard box stocks and provides an important building block for the “digital company” TELE. Robust and autonomous TeDaLoS sensor units are used, which were simply retrofitted to the existing storage locations in the high rack. By using the TeDaLoS Cloud software, which  converts the measured values of the wireless TeDaLoS sensors into material numbers and quantities, a daily inventory of the “digital twin” ensures that no availability bottlenecks can occur.

Thomas Tritremmel, CEO of TeDaLoS, explains: “Installation through retrofitting and commissioning during regular factory operation have proven to be an enormous USP for TeDaLoS and our customers. Hidden time and personnel costs therefore do not exist in our projects. Typical participants from IT and facility services are not required at any time.

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