Press Release: cloudbased KANBAN-materialflow with RFID expert tagItron GmbH

Press Release: cloudbased KANBAN-materialflow with RFID expert tagItron GmbH

Biedermannsdorf (Austria) November 2022:

RFID expert tagitron GmbH cooperates with sensor+cloud specialist TeDaLoS GmbH for cloud-based KANBAN processes

tagItron Gmbh from Salzkotten (Germany), the market leader for RFID and AutoID technologies, complements its solutions with business logic from the cloud of the Austrian TeDaLoS GmbH. The integrated offering allows companies to get started faster with electronic KANBAN and be prepared for future sensor and IoT solutions for material flow detection.


With more than 25 years of innovation, tagItron GmbH is the market leader as an AutoID & RFID consultant, process digitizer and total solutions manufacturer. An international customer base uses tagItron RFID-related products, including tags, readers, antennas, systems, software solutions and consulting, for every operating and working environment. With its in-house RFID Radio Technology Competence Centre as a key feature of its services, as well as support for RFID system planning and analysis, the company has been able to conquer numerous industries.


TeDaLoS GmbH is a specialist for self-sufficient and autonomous sensor solutions in material flow and inventory monitoring, which can be provided as a one-stop solution from the sensor to the customers‘ IT system. The TeDaLoS cloud software as the core for the connection of diverse demand recognition systems reduces companies‘ IT efforts otherwise associated with this and allows rapid implementation including business intelligence in the cloud for translation into the nomenclature of the material management systems. TeDaLoS systems are in use from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering to the food industry and wholesale trade.


Jan Wendisch, Managing Director of tagItron, explains: “RFID as a contactless detection technology is increasingly used for recognition in material flow. For perfect results, our expertise is needed to guarantee detection quality and stability in the industrial environment.”


Thomas Tritremmel, CEO TeDaLoS, adds: “This detection is the basis for determining material flow events. The cloud software does the translation of IDs into the language of material management such as cost centre, material number, quantity and the decision on starting follow-up processes such as a replenishment request.”


The cooperation between the two companies makes modern electronic KANBAN in particular immediately usable for companies of any industry and size without requiring IT resources to connect the technology. The tagItron hardware reports the read events (ID recognition) directly to the TeDaLoS Cloud. There, the ID is associated with the material number and cost centre. The cloud software includes a graphical web portal that uses the read event, for example, to remove a defined product quantity from the inventory of a cost centre and triggers processes based on freely definable quantity thresholds, such as triggering route runs or communicating the demand to external suppliers.


Jan Wendisch emphasises: “The tagitron solutions are proven in the harsh industrial environment. The systems are modular and versatile to use RFID and Auto-ID for a wide range of material groups and physical properties, as well as logistics processes. The user does not have to deal with the complexity of contactless identification.


By combining the worlds of hardware, IoT and cloud, the digital twin can be implemented quickly and future-proof for our joint customers. The TeDaLoS Cloud makes the growing variety of smart sensors and sensing technologies available to businesses on the fly, as there is no need to create programming with different protocols, coding and meaning. With cloud software, the popular tagItron solutions become a ready-to-use eKANBAN system that also works stand-alone without integration into ERP systems, as the web portal gives users – internal as well as external parties such as material suppliers – access to the actual stock level information.“, Thomas Tritremmel sets the focus.


“In times of difficult and expensive availability of IT specialists and at the same time a strong trend towards higher automation within companies as well as in collaboration with material suppliers, this cooperation comes at the right time for companies, no matter which industry, to achieve competitive advantages. In order to achieve savings and optimisations in the supply chain, it is now more important than ever that data turns into accurate business information in real time, being accessible across all systems,” the two managing directors are convinced.


Both companies are innovation leaders in their field. To show interested parties and customers the advantages and simplicity of the joint solution, live demos of the smart eKANBAN systems are available in Salzkotten, at tagItron’s headquarters, and in Vienna, at TeDaLoS’ R&D headquarters.




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tagItron Hardware + TeDaLoS Cloud-Software

tagItron Hardware + TeDaLoS Cloud-Software

TeDaLoS Cloud Software: Detail of stock level monitoring of KANBAN-storage


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