Securing supply: KNÜPPEL VERPACKUNG uses sensor-based Kanban at pump manufacturer

Securing supply: KNÜPPEL VERPACKUNG uses sensor-based Kanban at pump manufacturer

Knüppel Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized, owner-managed company, is one of Europe’s renowned suppliers of integrated packaging solutions for industry, trade and service providers. Knüppel employs around 300 people at its headquarters in Hann. Münden and at numerous national and European locations.

Most packaging material do not fit into typical KANBAN containers, the classic replenishment trigger markers such as scanning empty bins or inserting KANBAN cards into collection boxes cannot be implemented. Traditionally, packaging materials and supplies are not booked individually when they are consumed, or only sporadically checked for plausibility by visual inspection and estimation of the stock level, and a reorder decision is made.

The Digital Twin – without IT project  

The sensor units of TeDaLoS now carry out daily stock measurements – completely autonomously and without the need to trigger the process. The measured values are transmitted in encrypted form via the integrated radio technology directly to the TeDaLoS online software in the cloud. In this way, the evaluation side of the solution is also available wirelessly, mobile everywhere, without having to install special terminals or apps.
Every internet-enabled device with a browser thus becomes a stock management cockpit – with daily stocktaking at the touch of a button, without the need for IT or financial accounting,” emphasises Thomas Tritremmel, CEO of TeDaLoS.

Marco Growe, Sales Director Knüppel: “The TeDaLoS cloud software does the conversion and interpretation into information content, which we can transfer directly into the material management system. With TeDaLoS, we make sensor and automation methods usable for us internally and for our customers.”

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