LogiMAT Exhibition: manufactus GmbH shows smart Kanban sensors

LogiMAT Exhibition: manufactus GmbH shows smart Kanban sensors

At LogiMAT manufactus shows how to connect non-kanban-capable material groups thanks to smart sensors


TIP: Experience TeDaLoS as an addition to the manufactus software solution for Kanban systems live at LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart (Hall 5 Booth F29)


manufactus GmbH, founded in 2003 with headquarters in Starnberg (Germany), develops innovative software solutions for the optimisation of processes in the areas of production and logistics.
Due to many years of experience and competence, especially in the field of (e)Kanban and Lean Production, the company offers its worldwide represented customers an integrated overall package consisting of:
– state-of-the-art software (eKanban system IKS) & hardware (scanner)
– various workshops
– support & maintenance


The brand new supplementary integration of TeDaLoS sensors and cloud can create the “100% eKanban”, as warehouse stock data is not only recorded at Kanban container level, but unit-precise content quantities are measured continuously. Errors due to delayed or missed scans of small load carriers are thus eliminated. Above all, material groups that were previously NOT Kanban-capable are now integrated into the Kanban replenishment control of IKS without rigid processes or manual activity. (Examples: Liquids, material-by-the-meter, pre-assembled parts, external management, individual storage bays, etc.).


TeDaLoS GmbH is the specialist for smart autonomous sensor + cloud solutions, which are optimised for applications in material flow and inventory monitoring and can be provided as a one-stop solution from the sensor to the leading system. Well-known companies from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering to the food industry and wholesale trade use TeDaLoS systems internationally.


See it live : LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart (Hall 5 Booth F29), manufactus


Link to LogiMAT: https://www.logimat-messe.de/



TeDaLoS GmbH
Laxenburger Straße 8
2362 Biedermannsdorf
Tel. +43 1 890 981 5


manufactus GmbH
Wittelsbacherstrasse 6a
82319 Starnberg
Tel: +49 8151 – 970 41 14


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