Webinar “COVID-19: Warehouse-IoT to patch the information gap”

Webinar ecoplus

Webinar “COVID-19: Warehouse-IoT to patch the information gap”


Free event of ecoplus International


Webinar: 21. Jan. 2021, 6:00 – 7:00 PM (CET)


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We believe in the “digital twin” of your warehouse inventory.

Especially in fast changing times with uncertain supply chains you need consistant and real time information about the material stock for your production or trading business.

In these days warehouse staff may be locked down or in quarantine and procurement managers working flexibly from home. Still you need all stock information nevertheless in real time and cannot rely on “theoretic” values.

TeDaLoS has developed a one-stop warehouse IoT-solution. It is universally, flexibly and constantly forwards accurate physical stock level data directly to your ERP system for billing, reordering or inventory counting – all without manual interaction. Very practical, isn’t it?


In this free webinar on Jan 21st 2021 Thomas Tritremmel will talk about warehouse inventory monitoring in these extraordinary times, explain the technology and its use to your business and answer all your questions.

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