Autonomous material monitoring even with diverse storage situations: the new TeDaLoS sensor units


Autonomous material monitoring even with diverse storage situations: the new TeDaLoS sensor units

Through continuous dialogue with our customers, we have found that the demand for customised solutions is on the rise. To meet this demand, it was time to develop new TeDaLoS sensor units that are as unique as your needs or those of your customers and can be optimally adapted to suit the wide range of warehouse environments. We now proudly present the results: our “H-Shape”, the “CIU External Ruggedized” and the “Industrial Medium Extended”.

All sensor units monitor the inventory with pinpoint accuracy, are compatible with each other, and are integrated into the TeDaLoS cloud software. Instead of just counting the number of containers or locations, TeDaLoS makes it possible to continuously and autonomously measure the amount of content in a storage location or container and monitor the situation remotely via the TeDaLoS cloud or in your core system.



Do you want to optimise warehouse logistics for a variety of shelving sizes? Then our new H-Shape sensor unit model is the ideal choice. The H-Shape integrates the innovative TeDaLoS technology for real-time inventory tracking with flexible shelving sizes. After all, not every product fits into the same sized container. Thanks to its unique design, the H-Shape can accommodate virtually any stock item.

Maximum flexibility with a consistently high load capacity

The construction of the H-Shape is simple yet highly sophisticated: The dimensions of the sensor unit can be flexibly adapted to suit your unique storage situation. This means that inventory monitoring can also be carried out for shelves of varying widths as well as for special load carriers, with variable standard widths between 42 to 120 cm. And even when the width is fully utilised, the sensor unit can withstand 1.5 tonnes easily.

Out of the box and ready to go

TeDaLoS_IndMedExtThe sensor unit features the full range of functions and integrates seamlessly and completely autonomously into your logistics processes. This means that it operates independently of the local infrastructure and of local IT integration and does not have any user requirements – which in turn means no training and no lead time. With an integrated power supply covering several years, multiple radio communication channels, and the encrypted connection with the TeDaLoS cloud software where your inventories are recorded, monitored, and displayed, the H-Shape now also provides digital twin capabilities in product groups that previously had to be managed manually and with an unknown consumption curve.



Industrial Medium Extended

The Industrial Medium Extended is positioned directly under the sensitive stored goods and is connected to either a “Master” or a “CIU External” sensor unit. With a maximum total load of 150 kg and a size of 40 cm x 60 cm, it ensures high-precision monitoring of the storage area down to the number, even for heavy goods in extremely small spaces.




CIU External Ruggedized

Do you have a challenging environment in your warehouse and want to use TeDaLoS inventory monitoring in – for example – your chemical department or in EX-protected rooms? Then the CIU External Ruggedized is the right solution for your optimised warehouse logistics.

The CIU External Ruggedized includes a power supply, radio technology, and decentralised intelligence. It connects and controls multiple “extended” sensor units – from U-Shape for pallet storage to our designs for small parts containers, and even the new H-Shapes and Industrial Medium Extended. These sensor units are then connected by cable and enable a secure connection from the special environment to the CIU External Ruggedized unit. That unit is protected with an IP65 housing and can be easily mounted on shelf rails, walls, or other secure positions outside the hazardous areas.


You can find more information about our sensor units here. Do you have a specific requirement and need to find the right sensor unit for your material and inventory monitoring? Please feel free to contact us at +43 1 890 98 15, by e-mail at – or simply fill out our online contact form here.

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