We present to you: Best Practice Papers on the subject of digital twins!


We present to you: Best Practice Papers on the subject of digital twins!

When talking to customers, we keep coming across the same use cases of our fully automated sensor units. In trade and logistics, problems with the supply chain or complaints are frequent. In the industry sector, there are challenges concerning material stocks and general information on individual goods.

Merchandise management and logistics processes, for which physical recording is needed, should be digitalised and automated. Exceptions to the rule should be identified and reacted to in real time. Costs of processes and consequential risks are to be reduced and new services for your customers enabled. Challenges and problems, which we will be able to solve!

For this reason, we have decided to outline the most common challenges and your opportunities with TeDaLoS in our Best Practice Papers “Resource monitoring in the industrial manufacturing” and “Sensors for new trade and logistics services”.  Discover which concrete applications our customers implement – and why and how they do this.

With the help of our products, you can implement the “digital twin” as a virtual and digital image of your goods and substantially improve your processes. Order our Best Practice Papers today and learn more about our solution:


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